About NextWay

NextWay has more than 40 years of experience in the development and supply of building related products. We have the highest quality and service standards in the industry, with providing our Customers a Value Added experience being our primary focus.

Our product offerings include a professional line of Portable Electric Generators, Pneumatic Staplers and Nailers, Portable Air Compressors, Gas Framers and Concrete or Metal Pinners and an ever increasing offering of new and innovative products. All of our products are positioned to be your Best Value through offering high quality products at a competitive price. We then add our comprehensive service, repair and support structure to complete a unique and comprehensive value proposition.

Our staff is knowledgeable and will work to provide you the kind of support that you should expect from a business that is based on the development and maintenance of long term relationships.

NextWay Brands

3 PRO®

Our 3 PRO product line is made up of three families of products:

Tools – Professional line of pneumatic Staplers and Nailers, all quality tested in excess of one-million cycles before failure and a normal three-hundred thousand cycles to wearable replacement. We also offer a gas powered tool line with key patented design elements to provide significant performance and maintenance advantages over other models available today.

Compressors – Our gas powered offerings are equipped with our own Hybest engines, well known in the OEM channel for its superior performance and quality. All gas engines are tested at our assembly line to start within three pulls or they go back to the line. We also feature a full line of lubricated and non-lubricated portable electric powered compressors, including high pressure, for most every need.

Portable Electric Generators – Our lines of generators also featuring the Hybest gas engines, known for the ease of starting. Our Professional line of portable generators are feature rich and are positioned to be your Best Value through offering high quality products at a competitive price. Our line ranges from 1250 Watts through 7000 Watts and includes several dual fuel models.


Our 3 PLUS brand is targeted at the high-end Craftsman or DIY user. These are top tier products that are designed to meet the everyday demand of most DIY and many Professional users. These products are designed and produced to the same demanding standards as our 3 PRO line, but are added as identified to meet changing market requirements.