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Click on the “STORE” tab to buy your 3 PRO products online!

You can now buy your 3 PRO products, direct from us, at our Online Store!

We have added this feature as a convenience to our customers.  You can still place orders by calling us at 513-831-2700, faxing us at 513-831-2701 or email us at  But, some customers prefer the convenience of placing there orders online, so we have set this site up to serve this option.  Our site will accept payments for all major credit cards or PayPal.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, or have any questions/problems, please feel free to contact us by phone at 513-831-2700.  Thank you for considering 3 PRO!

3 PRO Gas and Dual Fuel Generators!

3 PRO HY5503

Be prepared for those Summer Storms and Power Outages! Stay SAFE and don’t get caught without power.  NextWay’s 3 PRO, Gasoline Generators offer premium quality at affordable prices. We offer a variety of gasoline powered 3 PRO generators in 1200, 2500, 3000, 5500 and 7000 Watt models.

Our Dual Fuel Generators provide the ultimate in flexibility, while maintaining environmentally friendly designs.  We offer dual fuel, in both 5500 and 7000 Watt models.  Our 3 PRO generators are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant.  The Dual Fuel generators are capable of operating on gasoline or LP fuel to meet a variety of power generation needs.

Stop by our Store at 1308 U.S. Highway 50, Milford, Ohio 45150 (Phone: 513-831-2700) and get 20% off of our normal retail prices.  Call 513-831-2700 for quote and/or shipping cost and delivery times.  All of our generators are in stock and ready for purchase.

Great Review by 3 PRO Customer!

CRN45PWe recently received another great review of our 3 PRO product line.  This one focused on our 3 PRO CRN45P, professional coil roofing nailer.  The Customer wrote…”Just like to say thank you for dropping off the 3 Pro coil nailer. In that time that we had the coil nailer here in the Sioux Falls area, we gave that gun out to 7 – 8 different companies to use, and I personally use the gun to do ten roofs. So in that one year that we had the Pro-3 nailer, it nailed on 7 to 8 truck-loads of shingles and never missed a shot! If you stop and think about those 4,992 bundles of shingles, 1,664 square of shingle. That’s 300 nails per square! That’s 499,200 nails!”…

Call us for our Monthly Sales and Specials!

Call us for our Specials…513-831-2700!

You can purchase many of our 3 PRO Nailers, Staplers, Compressors and Generators directly from your computer or hand held device, as well as at your local distributor.  All items, from our online store, typically ship UPS, within 24 hours of your order.  Call for information on our Monthly Sales and Specials. We can be reached by phone at 513-831-2700 or by email at


Our 3 PRO Tool Schematics are available to view, print or download.  Just select the “FILES” tab and find the tool that you need.

Check out our Full Line 3 PRO Catalog!

Select the “Catalog” tab above.  View, Print or Download our 3 PRO, Full Line Catalog!  Just select the “Catalog” tab at the top of our Home Page.

This up-to-date catalog illustrates our full line of 3 PRO products, with specifications.

Looking for Quality NextWay Sales Reps!

NextWay is looking for experienced Contracted Sales Representatives.  If qualified and interested, call toll free 1-888-346-1981 (local at 513-831-2700) or email us directly at  Thank you.

Welcome to NextWay

NextWay has more than 40 years of experience in the development and supply of building related products. We have the highest quality and service standards in the industry, with providing our Customers a Value Added experience being our primary focus.

Our product offerings include a professional line of Portable Electric Generators, Pneumatic Staplers and Nailers, Portable Air Compressors, Gas Framers and Concrete or Metal Pinners and an ever increasing offering of new and innovative products. All our products are positioned to be your Best Value through offering high quality products at a competitive price.

We then add our comprehensive service, repair and support structure to complete a unique and comprehensive value proposition. Our staff is knowledgeable and will work to provide you with the kind of support that you should expect from a business that is based on the development and maintenance of long term relationships.